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I'm gathering requirements and I'm looking for a free Visio replacement to do UI design. Does anyone know of a good tool I can use?

All I need is to be able to put together something that would look roughly like what the user would see on his screen (menus, buttons, text fields, and all the standard widgets).

I'm not looking for a UML tool.

I've seen some tools that look pretty good but will put their logo in the corner unless you pay. I'm looking for something that's completely free.


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Note: you have further suggestion in stackoverflow.com/questions/138979/… – VonC Nov 15 '08 at 21:21

Try the Firefox-based Pencil tool.

Or you can download desktop version of Pencil Software from here.

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Please add the title to this comment, e.g. Pencil Addon for Firefox. – scunliffe Nov 16 '08 at 1:05
you can download desktop version of Pencil Software from here – Aha Apr 1 '15 at 9:23

I like Gliffy: http://www.gliffy.com

For a cheap paid version, people seem to like Balsamiq (http://www.balsamiq.com/).

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The express versions of visual studio are free...

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If you are on windows, you can use Autoit Koda to do quick functional UI for quick prototyping.

You can see a demo here.

Autoit GUI design:

Oda Form Designer

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