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Full-Text Search for category with all parents in a row: CatLevel1 >> CatL2 >> CatLn >> SearchedCategory

I've got 4 columns in my category table: CatID, CatName, CatDepth, ParentID Some categories got a 3 level depth and some other 7. I want to have the target category with all its parents in one row.

Let me explain by an example:

Searched Keyword: metal Search Result: 1: Finished Machinery > Machine Tools, Wood & Metalworking Machinery > Metal Processing Machinery > Metal Bending Machinery 2: Non-Metallic Minerals > Other Products > Metal Processing Machinery > Metal Bending Machinery 3: Non-Metallic Minerals > Other Products > Metal Processing Machinery > Metal Casting Machinery ...

I tried many ways to write a flexible query, but none of them work as I wish. Any kind help would be highly appreciated. Thanks Kardo


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If this is a hierarchic Bill of Materials, then you could use


to return the hierarchy (in Oracle)

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Hi Randy, Yeah, it's hierarchy (self-join) in SQL Server and I'll use it as a Stored Procedure for C# ASP.NET web application. I'll be really thankful if you provide the whole query. I'm really confused what else to do. Thanks for your attention. Kardo –  Kardo May 28 '10 at 19:44
here seems to be a good discussion of the issue for sql server... sqlteam.com/article/more-trees-hierarchies-in-sql –  Randy May 28 '10 at 23:41

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