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We have a secured website using ASP.NET MVC Framework. The User session timeout is implemented using JQuery IDLETIMEOUT plugin.

So that If the session timeout is set for 30 min, it displays a message "You are about to be Signedout due to inactivity" with "Stay Logged on". This popup Message displays for last 30 sec and if the user clicks on this message, the session continues, else this message disappears and User is Logged out.

Now I noticed once security warning message that is displaying from the Internet Explorer "This page is accessing the information that is not under its control. This poses a security Risk. Do you want to continue?"

I am wondering how to get rid of this secury warning message. This warning message is coming along with the About to session timeout message.

Here is the JQuery code that i used for session Timeout:

 <% if(HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated) {%>
            inactivity: 30 * MIN,
            noconfirm : 30 * SEC,
            redirect_url: '/Account/SessionOut',
            sessionAlive: 0, // 30000, //10 Minutes
            click_reset: true,
            alive_url: '',
            logout_url: '/Account/SessionOut'
        <%} %>
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What's the code that displays the warning message? It seems likely that there is something in the message box that's fetching a resource (eg. an image, stylesheet, background image, script?) from an http:// URL. – bobince May 28 '10 at 17:45

This warning comes when your page is accessing URL that are non-secure. That is a https page while loading is giving hit to http urls debug along these lines to find out a solution

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