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I have an inline frame within a form. The inline frame actually contains the form element which is generated programatically (a radio which holds a value). How can I retrieve that value hold by the radio from the page which contains that inline frame. Any idea? thanks for reading

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There are no php variables in the forms. Form values can be accessed via javascript – Your Common Sense May 28 '10 at 17:09

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What MvanGeest is suggesting is for you to use javascript to transfer values of the radio buttons to a hidden field in your main page form so for each radio button you would have onclick="valueSet(this.value)" and in the function valueSet (that you define in the iframe) you would set the value of the hidden form field

function valueSet(radioValue){
    window.parent.document.forms["nameOfYourForm"].elements["nameOfHiddenElement"].value = radioValue;

and in the main window, in the FORM you have
<input type="hidden" name="nameOfHiddenElement" value="" />

and you can set the default value for it as well

Don't forget to give your form a name attribute and use that name in the function where it references forms["nameOfYourForm"]

Does that make sense for your project? Or am I totally off base here?

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No comment! You the best thanks a lot – Selom May 31 '10 at 12:12
Very clear explanation, I was in a hurry when I wrote mine. – MvanGeest Jun 4 '10 at 21:31

This site explains about cross-frame access in JavaScript: Be aware that the same-origin policy is enforced; in other words, you cannot access a frame which contains a page loaded from another domain.

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