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I have a git repository on my server i can ssh over port 443. But now i want to pull from that server and push to it but git gives me connection refused. I think it's connecting over port 22 but i want it to connect over 443. I use tortoiseplink to connect with how can i make it connect through port 443 when pushing or pulling ?

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First, git will execute the command in a shell where it will look for the environment variable HOME (which is not a Windows standard environement variable).
So make sure it does reference a correct path (any path you want)

Then ssh will look for your your public and private key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa(.pub).
Make sure you have them there (you can generate them in a Git bash session: ssh-keygen -t rsa.
Make also sure you have the public key copied in 'authorized_keys' (which you have, since you can ssh on the server)

Finally, in your HOME/.ssh directory, create a file named 'config':

host remoteServer
user yourLogin
hostname remoteServerName
port 443
identityfile ~/.ssh/id_rsa

You should then be able to use git pull or git push

git pull remoteServer:/path/to/repo.git
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Define your remote such that it uses port 443, or setup your ssh config so it knows to use port 443 for that host.

git remote add origin ssh://some.host:443/path/to/repo.git
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