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I need to get the selected value from an combobox throught javascript so that I can do some client side validation.

What's the best way to do this? Thanks,

I've been able to get the value with this:

var combo = $get('ddlComarcas');
var comboHidden = $get('ddlComarcas_HiddenField');
var o4 = combo.getElementsByTagName('li')[comboHidden.value].childNodes[0];

alert('"' + + '"');

But I still need to trim the value from Anyone can point how to do that visual studio 2008 jquery?

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You can use jQuery or just use DOM:


var selection = $('#selectID').val();


var selection = document.getElementById("selectID").value; -> server side

javascript -> client side

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Thanks but your solution doesn't work. The combobox from the ajaxtoolkit is made up of 3 inputs. I can't get the value with that. –  bastos.sergio May 28 '10 at 18:26

I think the answer is value doesnt exist client side so it cant be retrieved. There are easier ways to get index tho (assuming whatever initialization is complete).

selected index:         $find("<%=cboName.ClientID%>").get_hiddenFieldControl().value;
selected index (again): $find("<%=cboName.ClientID%>").get_selectedIndex();
selected text:          $find("<%=cboName.ClientID%>").get_textBoxControl().value;

As far as I can tell, validating a combobox on the client requires some faith in index or text, or some kind of server side workaround.

To provide a direct answer to the subject line, a javascript array could be created server side with each combobox value and then referenced client side by selected index...


 // write combobox values to asp:literal
 foreach (ListItem i in cboName.Items)
         litCboValues.Text += "\"" + i.Value.Replace("\"", "\\\"") + "\", ";
 litCboValues.Text = litCboValues.Text.TrimEnd(new char[] {',', ' '});


// array of values
 var cboValues = [ <asp:Literal id="litCboValues" runat="server" /> ];

// add an alert to the combobox to test
function pageLoad()
  $find("<%=cboName.ClientID%>").get_textBoxControl().onblur = function () { 
    alert( cboValues[$find("<%=cboName.ClientID%>").get_selectedIndex()] );

<asp:ComboBox id="cboName" runat="server" ...
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