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  • The sensor module in my project consists of a rotating camera, that collects noisy information about moving objects in the surrounding environment.
  • The information consists of distance, angle and relative change of the moving objects..
  • The limiting view range of the camera makes it essential to rotate the camera periodically to update environment information...

I was looking for algorithms / ways to model these information, in order to be able to guess / predict / learn motion properties of these object..

My current proposed idea is to store last n snapshots of each object in a queue. I take weighted average of positions and velocities of moving object, but I think it is a poor method...

Can you state some titles that suit this case?


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Kalman {Extended, unscented, ... } filters and particle filters only after reading about Kalman filters.

Kalman filters learn and predict the correct data from noisy data with a Gaussian assumption, so it may be of use to you. If you need non-Gaussian methods, look at the particle filter.

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Thanks for you helpful response.. I wonder if the particle filter will try to learn environment model.. or I will have to provide environment model and equations to it myself? –  Betamoo May 28 '10 at 19:46

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