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Any simple example of mysql stored procedure and example to show how to call that procedure from codeigniter php.

Any help?

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a stored procedure for insert operation:


DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `database_name`.`procedure_name`$$

CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` PROCEDURE `procedure_name`( IN id INT,valueTEXT)
    DECLARE queryString VARCHAR(100);

SET @id= id;
SET @value= LOWER(value);

SET @queryString = CONCAT("INSERT INTO table_name( field_id, field_value ) VALUES ( ",@id,"'",@value,"'");

PREPARE stmt FROM @queryString;




This simple stored procedure lets you insert id and value in table_name

$Query= $this->db->query("CALL procedure_name($ID,'$name')");

Now easily call the procedure as a normal query

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