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for working with financial time series, like daily stock prices or intraday data, which time series packages are preferred? xts, plain zoo, or timeSeries or something else? I use both xts and zoo, but sometimes not sure to use xts exclusively or sometimes zoo have advantage of lighter overhead; also, I remembered a review paper on all these packages by Rmetrics, which claims that xts cannot even finish some tests they did. But I cannot find the paper now.

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The rmetrics paper is on the rmetrics website. – Shane May 28 '10 at 19:58

I am rather happy with xts and zoo and alternate between the two.

Nothing forces you to use one exclusively. As zoo is a little older, some packages interface it rather than xts. But xts has extensions which provide extra functionality (e.g. the indexing) which make it a valid option.

Other folks may be perfectly happy with Rmetrics classes. It all depends, and is to some extent a matter of personal preferences.

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+1 for xts..... – Brandon Bertelsen Aug 13 '11 at 17:54

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