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I'm looking for one just to get a general idea of how a standard C++ project should be properly setup. (If that's possible... :-p)

Here are my requirements for this project:

  • module-based (has libraries/modules that compile into a main program module)
  • compiles cross-platform

I'd like to do this so that I can get a hold on the basics of how a good C++ project is setup, and so that I can test out Premake.

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Questions like this, without a single possible correct answer, should be community wiki – anon May 28 '10 at 21:28 - cross platform, simple make file, code includes library and executable in a single zip.

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FW4SPL is a component-oriented architecture with the notion of role-based programming. FW4SPL consists of a set of cross-platform C++ libraries. Not yet simple, but with a properly setup.

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