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My app has a UITabBarController that loads many different UINavigationControllers. I want a UIPageControl to switch between the different UINavigationControllers. Do I place the UIPageControl in my UINavigationController or in my appDelegate? Suggestions and best practices are welcome.

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I'm a relative noob, but I believe the UIPageControl is just an element that you send messages to to visually display to users what page they're on within a set of pages. My understanding is that UIPageControl is not a "controller", but just a visual queue element. Thus, I believe it belongs near the view element that's being paged through by the user.

I could be wrong.

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Yes, UIPageControl is a control, not a controller. If you're doing switching, you'll need to do the "controller" bit on your own. Not sure how the tab bar controller plays in to this. – Ben Zotto Aug 28 '10 at 6:42

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