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I want to be able to read events from a MIDI file in Python. I have looked for libraries, but can't find one that works with my MIDI file in windows. I do not need to do anything real time, and just want a simple library that gives me events and times. Would it be easier to write one for myself? Any help would be appreciated.

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the structure of a midi file is quite simple. if you can't find a ready-made library (i am not aware of any) and you only need events and time, i suggest you try parsing the file yourself.

(prepare for a lot of bit shifting: MIDI data are stored in strings of 7 bits blocks)

also, you say that you can't find a library which works with your MIDI file on Windows: MIDI file are supposed to be portable, and python too, so a un*x lib should work equally well on windows (or the developper missed the point of both MIDI and python).

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I once wrote a simple library in pure C to read/write Midifiles. If you want to have a look here it is: http://code.google.com/p/middl/

It is a low level library that ease the task of dealing with midifiles but you should be familiar with the Midi file formaat to use it.

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Check out this python library on github, it seems to do exactly what you need:


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Your best bet might be to get a c or c++ library, and interact with it using the Python Extensions for c.

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Maybe you can give a look to pygame.midi. It's portable and it contains what you asked about :)

If you don't want to use Pygame, you can study its module midi.py and try to implement by yourself.

Happy working!

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No, pygame.midi is only concerned with MIDI I/O via the system's low-level MIDI framework, it does not provide parsing or generation of standard MIDI files. –  Chris Arndt Jan 5 '12 at 8:39
You're right. My mistake. –  Markon Jan 14 '12 at 11:03

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