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i am using javascript for loop, to loop through a particular array and alert it's value. I want that after every alert it should stop for 30 seconds and then continue...till the end of loop. my code goes here..

    for(var i=0; i<valArray.lenght; i++)
        alert("The value ="+valArray[i]);
        //stop for 30seconds..      

i have used setTimeout() function, but it is not loop end iterating but do not pause for 30seconds interval... is there any other way such as sleep function in PHP??

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for (var i = 0; i < valArray.length; i++)
  (function(i) {
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, i * 30000);

Edited to fix the closure loop problem.

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hey thanks Delan was a very useful answer.. – Harish Kurup May 29 '10 at 11:15
No problem. Happy to help. – Delan Azabani May 29 '10 at 11:16
Whilst timeouts are the way to return control to the browser for a while, this won't do what you think due to the Closure Loop Problem. i will be valArray.length in every timeout callback. – bobince May 29 '10 at 11:20
So I should wrap the setTimeout call in an anonymous that sets the value? I'll do that now. – Delan Azabani May 29 '10 at 11:21

There is no sleep function in JavaScript. You can refactor above code to:

function alert_and_sleep(i) {
   alert("The value ="+valArray[i]);
   if(i<valArray.length) {
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Though this works, using a for loop and creating timers of i * 30000 probably looks nicer than the semi-recursion of your answer. – Delan Azabani May 29 '10 at 11:09
Well, it's not optimal, but IMHO it's closer to the original code from the question. – vartec May 31 '10 at 7:38

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