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Is there any silverlight decompiler available?

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Is this for a legitimate purpose? :) – Nick Craver May 29 '10 at 11:49

Nothing specific to my knowledge, but you can open the xap file (it's just a zip file) and use Reflector to decompile the dlls.

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JetBrains have made DotPeek available. It is currently free (hope it stays that way, unlike .Net Reflector).

It will also convert Silverlight DLLs all the way back to readable source code! I have tried it on several SL projects and it works like a charm.

*Note: as of the time of this writing it still gets a couple of things wrong: string concatenations and event handlers generate the wrong code.

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XAPs are just zip files, so you can crack them open and decompile the code using Reflector. Also, it's worth taking a look at Silverlight Spy.

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It's all .Net so you can just use Reflector

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