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I am using Red5 + RTMP in a client-server flash application.

There aren't audio/video streams in my application. RTMP is used to transfer messages from app to server and back.

Now I need to develop the application for iPhone:

  1. is there any RTMP implementation on iPhone?
  2. If not, how could I solve this problem? Is there any alternative to RTMP on iPhone?

And most important question: could it be solved without rewriting whole server part of application? (Red5 + RTMP)

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did you get any solution for this? I am also looking for same thing, thanks! – jaym Feb 4 at 13:40

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If all you need is to pass "messages" and no a/v, might I suggest using a REST service or something similar such as doing GET or POST requests containing your "message" encoded in some form? Such as JSON or BASE64?

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No encoding needed if SSL is used and certificate verification is done. However additional security would not hurt, especially if the goal of the app is to be a very secure for text communications. – Stian OK Mar 18 at 20:19

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