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How can I solve the issue of content existing in multiple versions and multiple languages?

My current structure:

Each content can only have one active version in each language, and that's how I'm curious on how to best solve.

Right now I have a column of the contentversions table, which means for each change of active version I have to run a update and set active=false on all version and then a update to set active=true for the piece of content in question.

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You could use a table activeversion with the same structure as content_contentversion_languages, but with a unique key on (content_id, language_id) and a single foreign key on all columns, referencing content_contentversion_languages. Marking a new version as active requires just a single INSERT or UPDATE to this table.

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Good idea! Does the table structure look sensible otherwise? I've been hoping on interating this into an ORM which I'm sure requires some sense in the structure :) – phobia May 29 '10 at 14:59

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