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in VC++ environment Im using (string) getline function to read separate lines in opened file. Problem is that getline takes character 1Ah as end of file and if it is present on the line, whole reading ends prematurely. Is there any solution for this?

Code snippet:

fstream LogFile (Source,fstream::in);
string Line

while (getline(LogFile,Line))
{  ....  }

File contents:

line2text2asd //EOF for getline here
line3asdas // this line will never be read by getline

Thank you for any info.


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Replace getline with a hand-rolled function that reads in character by character until end of line or eof, as defined by you.

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damn I thought there may be an easier way. Thanks. –  Kra May 29 '10 at 16:48

Yes, Ctrl+Z was the EOF file character for text files in ancient operating systems. It is a control character that really shouldn't be present in a text file, you can't meaningful translate it. Openmode::binary is about all you can do if that's required.

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Unfortunately I can't choose what is stored in the text file and what is not :/ I never expected Windows will handle text files the same way as CP/M OS did. –  Kra May 29 '10 at 16:50
Windows has nothing to do with it, it doesn't know beans about text files. The Ctrl+Z detection code lives in the CRT. –  Hans Passant Jan 31 '13 at 11:24

I usually prefer to open the file as binary, read the data with the function below, and parse for '\n' and '\r' to detect end of lines.

UINT xread(HFILE hfile, void *buf, UINT size)
   UINT ret;

   #if defined(_WIN32)

   ret = _read(hfile, buf, size);

   #elif defined(_LINUX) || defined(__APPLE__)

   ret = read(hfile, buf, size);


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