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I was hoping to automate some tasks related to SubVersion, so I got SharpSvn. Unfortunately I cant find much documentation for it.

I want to be able to view the changes after a user commits a new revision so I can parse the code for special comments that can then be uploaded into my ticket system.

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If you just want to browse SharpSvn you can use http://docs.sharpsvn.net/. The documentation there is far from complete as the focus is primarily on providing features. Any help on enhancing the documentation (or SharpSvn itself) is welcome ;-)

To use log messages for your issue tracker you can use two routes:

  1. A post-commit hook that processes changes one at a time
  2. A scheduled service that calls 'svn log -r <last-retrieved>:HEAD' every once in a while.

The last daily builds of SharpSvn have some support for commit hooks, but that part is not really api-stable yet.

You could create a post commit hook (post-commit.exe) with:

static void Main(string[] args)
  SvnHookArguments ha;
  if (!SvnHookArguments.ParseHookArguments(args, SvnHookType.PostCommit, false, out ha))
    Console.Error.WriteLine("Invalid arguments");

  using (SvnLookClient cl = new SvnLookClient())
    SvnChangeInfoEventArgs ci;
    cl.GetChangeInfo(ha.LookOrigin, out ci);

    // ci contains information on the commit e.g.
    Console.WriteLine(ci.LogMessage); // Has log message

    foreach(SvnChangeItem i in ci.ChangedPaths)

(For a complete solution you would also have to hook the post-revprop-change, as your users might change the log message after the first commit)

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I wonder whether subversion hooks (at the svn server) might not be another approach here? I have not tried it, but CaptainHook appears to offer svn->.NET hook integration.

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CaptainHook is a good solution for using hooks in .NET. Be sure to grab the patches. One fixes 2x bugs –  Greg Woods Jul 28 '11 at 10:44

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