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Criteria: Performance, Performance, Performance.

I need a way to convert a uint, int, etc into it's enum equivalent. What's the fastest way I can do that using C#?

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Why can't you just do a direct cast?

MyEnum enumVar = (MyEnum)intVar;
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Argg, was just gonna say that :) – leppie Nov 16 '08 at 6:52
I know. That happens to me all the time. ;) – Charles Graham Nov 16 '08 at 6:54
Thanks! Wow, that was much easier then some other weird solutions I saw out there. – danmine Nov 16 '08 at 9:04
Enums to and from ints is trivial. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the compiler handles 99% of any optimizations that you would need to worry about. Now when you go back and forth from strings is where it can get funky. – Charles Graham Nov 16 '08 at 9:17
The only problem with this is that you can cast values that are invalid and you won't get an exception. Enum.Parse() is much safer, but it does involve overhead from a performance perspective. – OJ. Nov 16 '08 at 9:21

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