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How do I make extra initializations on a modal dialog before calling DoModal(); ?

The whole application is created using VS wizards. I have a main Dialog (the one that is created automatically when I select new MFC Application in Visual Studio 2008 Professional).
When I click a button on this dialog I want to open another dialog and set a CString value into a CEdit control.

my code:

void MainDlg::OnClickedButtonX(){
   SecondDialogClass Dlg2;
   Dlg2.asocVar2Cedit.SetWindowTextW(L"my text");
//asocVar2Cedit is the associeted control variable to the 
//CEdit control on the second Dialog (Right Click > Add Variable..  in VSC++)

this code generates at runtime a "Debug Assertion" error in winocc...

Any ideas ?
Thank you in advance.

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Add an OnInitDialog (WM_INITDIALOG) handler to your CDialog-derived class and have it initialise itself.

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actually this could help.. but I can't understand what exactly did you meant.. what is the method prototype ? how do I have it to initialise itself ? –  sdadffdfd May 29 '10 at 17:56
nvm worked, THANK YOU :) –  sdadffdfd May 29 '10 at 18:00

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