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I need to share a huge dictionary (around 1 gb in size) between multiple processs, however since all processes will always read from it. I dont need locking.

Is there any way to share a dictionary without locking?

The multiprocessing module in python provides an Array class which allows sharing without locking by setting
however There is no such option for Dictionary provided by manager in multiprocessing module.

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Well, in fact the dict on a Manager has no locks at all! I guess this is true for the other shared object you can create through the manager too. How i know this? I tried:

from multiprocessing import Process, Manager

def f(d):
    for i in range(10000):
        d['blah'] += 1

if __name__ == '__main__':
    manager = Manager()

    d = manager.dict()
    d['blah'] = 0
    procs = [ Process(target=f, args=(d,)) for _ in range(10) ]
    for p in procs:
    for p in procs:

    print d

If there were locks on d, the result would be 100000. But instead, the result is pretty random and so this is just a nice illustration why locks are needed when you modify stuff ;-)

So just go ahead and use manager.dict().

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