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I've been developing my application with Google Maps and the wonderful rails plugin for it, expecting to find that when I put my app into production that the commercial licensing wouldn't be too expensive.

Then I found out it cost $10,000/year, no exceptions so far.

That's not a terrible price to pay for unlimited usage when your site becomes successful, but for those of us trying to build something from the ground up, that's a hefty price to pay. I've looked at Bing and Yahoo but they're very wishy-washy with what ballpark the pricing is. That on top of the fact I have to ditch my nice rails plugin YM4R for Google maps...

Is anyone out there using a map API solution that doesn't cost an arm and a leg to get started with in a commercial aspect? I don't mind not using a plugin, I just need something that will work and is cost affordable in the beginning.

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Kevin, I'm working on a startup as well, and need a low-cost/free GIS API. Can you tell us what you ended up using? And how much, if anything, did you pay P.S. I think OpenStreetMaps is under a GPL license, meaning your data would become public... please correct me if I'm wrong? Thanks! – AppDevper Feb 6 '11 at 20:43

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CloudMade has been recommended in this previous question. Have a look at their pricing.

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My personal opinion would be to use the effective "standard" OSS libraries that form this type of stack.

OSGEO has a bunch of resources for exactly this.

PostGIS (database)
Apache (webserver)
MapServer (WMS compliant GIS server)
OpenStreetMap (the maps you'll need)
OpenScales or OpenLayers (Flex or JS API)

Total cost: a few hours of setup.

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I don't really know why you need some maps, but I would suggest you to check the OpenStreetMap project which is Open Source and Free Software.

Obviously, it's slightly less performant and accurate, but it's a very good product.

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Is your site going to be a paid based service?

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Yes, more or less. To get to the part with the map doesn't cost any money but we will charge for other aspects of the site. – Kevin May 30 '10 at 3:27

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