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I want to start using mock objects on my Delphi projects.

After a quick google I've found those:

So my question is what one is your favourite and why?

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Woaw, I am the PascalMock project leader and it's the first time I heard about Delphi Mock Wizard! Very nice addition to PascalMock.

BTW you also have some smaller mock frameworks:

Maybe there are some other ones around?

Also PascalMock is open source and contributions or ideas of improvements are welcome.

PS: The latest PascalMock version from CVS add additional features to the 1.1 version, like:

  • automatic mock creation at run time for interfaces using RTTI
  • allow to expects methods calls in any order
  • expects at least x calls of a method
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Though it is stable, PascalMock hasn't been worked on in years.

There is a new mock library called Delphi Mocks. It works only with Delphi XE2 or newer.

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Try Dsharp. It is like Delphi Mocks, but without Memory Leaks.

IMHO DSHARP is better, though i was excited with Delphi Mocks at first.

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Our Open Source mORMot framework is now able, in its unstable version, to stub or mock any Delphi interface.

As usual, the best way to explain what a library does is to look at the code using it. Here is an example (similar to the one shipped with RhinoMocks) of verifying that when we execute the "forgot my password" scenario, we remembered to call the Save() method properly:

procedure TMyTest.ForgotMyPassword;
var SmsSender: ISmsSender;
    UserRepository: IUserRepository;
  with TLoginController.Create(UserRepository,SmsSender) do

And... that's all, since the verification will take place when IUserRepository instance will be release.

Available features (some are unique in comparison to other Delphi mocking frameworks):

  • Clear distinction between stubs and mocks, with integration with our Unit Testing classes;
  • Handle var and out parameters as returned value, in addition to a function result;
  • Stubbing definition via a fluent interface, or a delegate/callback;
  • Mocking via "expect-run-verify" and/or "run-verify" (aka "test spy") patterns, on choice, depending on your testing expectations;
  • Integrated method calls tracing;
  • Open Source, working from Delphi 6 up to XE3;
  • Lightweight and fast (do not rely on slow TVirtualInterface).

See related blog articles:

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Delphi Mock Wizard just generates wizards for Pascal Mock. They aren't competing implementations.

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Have a look at "Delphi Mocks" and "Delphi Mocks: The Basics"

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