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can any one explain hiow this query works..It's for getting the Nth largest elemet from a table.here it's 4 th largest

  FROM tblitem a
 WHERE (4) = (select count(*)
                from tblItem  b
               where b.id < a.id)

Thanks in advance

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Are you sure it's the 4th largest not the 5th smallest? –  KennyTM May 30 '10 at 6:32
yeh tht's tru sir.u r right.can u explain how that query works :) –  Binu May 30 '10 at 6:41
I've tested your query. It definitely chooses the 5th smallest id. –  KennyTM May 30 '10 at 6:46
Just to warn you. This query will perform horrendously badly on large tables. In addition to marc's point above I notice that you have made not a single upvote either. –  Martin Smith May 30 '10 at 16:07

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Perhaps it helps to rewrite the query a bit:

    (select count(*) from tblItem b where b.id < a.id) as cnt
FROM tblitem a

Example: if the id column starts with 1 and increments with 2, the result will look like:

id   cnt
1    0     No rows with a smaller id, subquery returns 0
3    1     One row with a smaller id, subquery returns 1
5    2     ...
7    3
9    4
11   5

On the fifth row, cnt = 4, and that row is chosen by your where clause.

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(select count(*) from tblItem  b where b.id < a.id)

is a subquery that finds the number of items (count(*)) in the table where its value is less than the current one (a.id).

4 = (select count(*) from tblItem  b where b.id < a.id)

and we pick the one that has exactly 4 items less than the current value. This means a.id should be the 5th smallest.

To select the 4th largest element, change that < into >=.

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