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Anyone have numbers on how many machines / % of internet uses have Google Native Client?

I'm curious about google NaCL as a platform: it seems to combine the best of the web (just a webpage, accessible on any machine) and desktop apps (OpenGL, C/C++ power). The only question is -- what percent of the world actually use it.

Anyone have data on this?


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I think it's safe to say it's well under 1%. Does the actual percentage (.001%? .01%?) make any difference?

The technology might or might not have much merit, but you've asked the question way to early, before it's had a chance to show it's colours.

P.S.: BTW, you can make an educated guess about the number of users by the number of times the "nativeclient" tag has been used on SO. ;)

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As of this posting Chrome holds about 25% of the market. I assume a little less than that will be NaCl enabled.

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For anyone else that stumbles on to this page, note that Native Client is (now) automatically enabled for applications that are installed from the Chrome Web Store, but:

To enable Native Client for applications that are not installed from the Chrome Web Store, you must explicitly turn on the Native Client flag...

This changes the equation quite a bit given that "chrome is the most popular browser". If you deploy via the web store, you should be effectively unrestricted by this feature toggle (assuming your users have the latest versions of chrome, etc.)

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Well, at least ~50 Native Client developers must have it installed.

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