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I am looking for the most suitable and easy to configure solution that would integrate Magento with a CRM.

Which CRM is more suitable and compatible with Magento?

Thanks in advance,

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We are using SugarCRM right now with Magento and it works very well. The connector is like $200 and does everything we need.

http://www.vivendoconnect.com/crm/sugarcrm-standard-extension.html was where we got it

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I have heard of Microsoft Dynamics, Highrise & Zendesk CRMs as well, but how much are they manageable through Magento extensions is my major concern.

Also as "Josh" said, there are extensions for SugarCRM.
There are also extensions for other famous CRMs as well like Salesforce & viger in Magento.

May be this post is old, but still I'm interested in knowing the details of the possibility of the integration as well.

Hope it helps.

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