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Scott Hanselman suggests using Lucida Console, 14 to 18pt, Bold for the Visual Studio font when presenting. But that's a post from 2003, and I think I remember hearing that there was a better font in VS 2010. Is it Consolas? What font/size should I use when giving a presentation?

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I think you should go with Comic Sans MS. It adds a nice relaxed feel to any presentation. –  Matti Virkkunen May 30 '10 at 22:22
It's worth giving presentations in Comic Sans just to watch the geeks in the room visibly twitch. Go crazy and misplace apostrophe's to see if they interrupt to point it out –  Michael Mrozek May 30 '10 at 22:24
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Choose a font you're happy with. The defaults are pretty good really. Whatever font you choose, if you are presenting code you can easily change the font size by in VS2010 holding down CTRL and using the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in\out. You could ask the "audience" when you first present some code if they can see it clearly, and increase it if not.

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Consolas is the new font for Windows fixed point use. Its not bad.

I personally prefer Terminus

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