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I want to set the default property of a checkbox to true

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chkEntregue.CheckState = CheckState.Checked;

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To set CheckBox:

 CheckBoxName.SetCurrentValue(CheckBox.IsCheckedProperty, true);

To unset CheckBox:

 CheckBoxName.SetCurrentValue(CheckBox.IsCheckedProperty, false);
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I suppose you only mean that on opening a form, one or more check boxes are checked.

Simply write in the form_Load method

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You haven't specified which platform, so I'll answer this for WPF, in which it's definitely possible.

You can use the OverrideMetadata method on CheckBox.IsCheckedProperty to provide a default value of "true" for all CheckBoxes. Add this code to your App class (in App.xaml.cs):

protected override void OnStartup(StartupEventArgs e)

        new FrameworkPropertyMetadata(true));
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For a given checkbox? Edit the form in the forms designer, and change the Checked property to true.

For all checkboxes in the environment, without changing each individually? Can't be done. Though I suppose if you got really ambitious, you could write a post-compiler or some such.

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Set the Checked property to True in the Properties window of Visual Studio at design time.

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