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I made a website using AJAX (with jquery) for the navigation. The pages of the site are sliding and I use remove() to destroy the old page.

Every thing seems alright, but some times the browser crashes when he tries to remove the old page containing a Flash object.

I suppose this is because Flash is still executing the Flash object.

My question is simple.

How do i remove this Flash's object for my page without having the browser crashing on my face ? Is there a way to stop the Flash execution before removing the object ?

Thanks for your help.

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install noscript or flash blockers? – YOU May 31 '10 at 8:17
Well i don't want to disable flash. I want to deactivate the flash on a specific object before removing it :) – Nicolas Guillaume May 31 '10 at 11:27
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At the end I've decided to use the swf object helper to do the job:

$('.flash_content').each(function ()
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You need to get a reference to the Flash object, let's say it has an HTML ID of 'swf' and you need to stop it doing anything before you kill it:


The alternative to this is to make the Flash object load some other movie that does 'nothing': = "";
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