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I am using cvs2svn for converting already existing CVS repository into svn repository. While doing it using command line , it makes all the passes and creates a repository in the SVN. But i am not able to find all the files in the particular directory. Where does that repository resides?

I used following command to convert the CVS to SVN repository.

cvs2svn -s /home/user/Subversion/repos /home/usr/cvsrepo
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The -s option tells cvs2svn where to place the Subversion repository. This is the database holding your whole project's history; i.e., the part that you might want to put on a central server. To actually work on the files, you need to check the files out of the repository into a working copy. To do so, use the following command:

svn checkout file:///home/user/Subversion/repos/trunk myproject

After that, the directory "myproject" (in the current directory) will contain a checked-out version of the "trunk" (a.k.a., CVS "HEAD") revision of your project. For more information about how to work with Subversion, see the Subversion book.

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How are you looking for your files? Don't use ls. Instead do a svn checkout of that repo and you should find your files in your newly checked out working copy.

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i chekched out using the command svn co file:///path/to/repository it shows the list of files being cheked out . but i still could not find the files in the SVN repository that i have migrated from CVS repository. – thetna May 31 '10 at 10:00

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