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I want to add an animation in starting screen of my game. I did that animation in flash. how to load it in cocos2d

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Don't think you're going to be able to do this. Flash has never been able to run on the iPhone/iPod and very likely never will at least for the foreseeable future. Someone would have to write a custom SWF file loader and player specifically for Cocos (no small task). Even then I doubt Apple would allow such an application to be approved. I would suggest converting your SWF to an iPhone/iPod compatible movie format. QuickTime (mov) for sure is supported, mpg and avi may work as well.

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There is and will be no Flash support on the iPhone. You'd have to to convert the animation into single images and use cocos2d's animation system.

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The thing you wanted four years ago has released! It's called GAF This is library and a converter for flash animations.

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