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Hey guys, is there a way to load XML Data Cross-Domain with JQuery (= client side)?

$.get('http://otherdomain.com/data.xml', function(xml) { }

The above doesn't work - do I have to rely on JSONP, or is there a way to load XML?

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You need to use JSONP.

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Hmm, thought as much, too bad. Maybe there's still hope, I'll leave the question unanswered for a few hours. Thanks. –  Dänu May 31 '10 at 9:46
An alternate method is using a hidden xdomain iframe and communicating with it via postMessage and receiveMessage, but jsonp is much easier. –  x1a4 May 31 '10 at 9:51
yeah, problem is, there are still loads of webservices which provide data only as xml. I was trying to implement a "generic" method to receive data. –  Dänu May 31 '10 at 12:07

No way to load XML. So yes, using "standard" xmlhttprequests you need JSONpadding.

If the server supports "Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)" you can easily receive data from a foreign domain. That means, you have to add a custom header into your XmlHttpRequest ('Origin') and the server decides if it does allow the request or not.

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Well we are easily can get data from some php functions like file_get_content and curl (as I Php/ROR dev ,other languages has the same functions). Using these functions we can get the xml data from foreign domain,

Now question is why we are not able to do the same thing when using AJAX, As per my understanding curl and file_get_content function doesn't invoke the http request and Ajax does.

In nutshell we can not load the xml data using AJAX.

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