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somebody knows what does this error mean?

Usage: tcsh [ -bcdefilmnqstvVxX ] [ argument ... ].

I receive this error after I enter in my script this row

#! /bin/tcsh -f
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Are you sure the first line of your script is exactly #! /bin/tcsh -f? I get a similar error if I use an unrecognized option, such as -Z, rather than -f. What is the output of head -1 your-script | cat -A? –  Keith Thompson Dec 17 '11 at 21:22

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That doesn't seem like an actual error. If there would be an error bash should have said something like bash: error importing function definition for `module' what Linux System are you running on the shell? There's often documentation on error messages try command error info or browse the manual by command man -h.

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