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I have an action method that accepts the following model - LanguagesViewModel:

public class LanguagesViewModel : ViewModelBase
 IEnumerable<LanguageItem> Languages { get; set; }

public class LanguageItem
 public int LanguageId { get; set; }

 public int SpeakingSkillId { get; set; }

 public int WritingSkillId { get; set; }

 public int UnderstandingSkillId { get; set; } 

I also have a custom model binder to bind the POST data to the IEnumerable<LanguageItem>.

The question is how do I get DataAnnotations validation to work?

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Can you post the code of your custom binder? –  Shay Friedman Jun 1 '10 at 3:52
I found this tutorial which I believe would be very useful for your problem. –  Myst3ric Dec 11 '10 at 12:24

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Very late answer I know, and it's for MVC3. Add the following to the end of your model binder BindModel method

if (model != null)
    System.Web.Mvc.ModelMetadata modelMetadata = ModelMetadataProviders.Current.GetMetadataForType(() => model, model.GetType());
    ModelValidator compositeValidator = ModelValidator.GetModelValidator(modelMetadata, controllerContext);
    foreach (ModelValidationResult result in compositeValidator.Validate(null))
        bindingContext.ModelState.AddModelError(result.MemberName, result.Message);
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