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I am using MVVM architecture. I had created a user control which contains a button control. I want the click event of the button control to be captured in page which uses this user control. How to do this? Plase help :)

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A button has a Command property. You should use that instead of the Click event by binding to an ICommand exposed by your ViewModel.


Two possibilities:

1) MVVM-way: Have a property for the command on your UserControl's ViewModel which you then set from your using page's ViewModel.

2) Non-MVVM way (although you could combine this with 1): Have a dependency property on your UserControl for the command, which you bind to in your UserControl's XAML. You can then bind to this dependency property from the using page.

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How could I make ICommand to call a method in the page which uses this user control? – user294636 May 31 '10 at 11:36

You can define the event on a higher parent control:

Normally you would have:

      <Button Click="SomeMagicalEventHandler" />

But you can also define the event on the Grid as follows:

<Grid Button.Click="SomeMagicalEventHandler">
      <Button />

Of course, as long as its not handled in your event handler (arguments.Handled = true;) it will bubble upwards your visual tree until it reaches your page!

Hope this helps!

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