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Is there any way to access javasript variable inside the rails view. I just set some value of javascript variable and want to access it in rails view.


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You have to understand that ruby code in your views gets executed on the server - before any javascript on the page gets a change to be executed.

That's why you cannot do stuff like this:

  var js_var = 1;

<%= get_value_of_js_var_somehow %>

The other way round it works:

  var js_var = <% generate_value_with_ruby %>;
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and here is a very simple example how to "do_something_in_javascript" - stackoverflow.com/questions/6835512/… –  ılǝ Dec 12 '12 at 5:28

You can pass a javascript variable to rails using AJAX. For example if you want to pass the id for an user to a method in a rails controller from javascript you can execute the following code:

  var id = 1;
  <%= remote_function :url => {:controller=>'controller_name', :action=>'method_name'}, :with => "'user_id=' + id" %>

You will receive the variable through a POST request, as a parameter. You can access it using params[:user_id].

def method_name
  if params[:user_id].exists?
    u = User.where('id = ?', params[:user_id]).first
  puts u.path

Hope I've answered your question.

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If you have this Javascript variable in a higher piece of javascript (per se: the application.js), then you can always just reference it in the view.

var someVar = "Hello World";

Then in your view (executed on the client), you could to...

<script type='text/javascript'>

I think we need more specific ellaboration if one of these three posts doesn't answer your question.

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Suppose we are having script as follows

<script type="text/javascript">
  var a="some value";
  document.getElementById('tagid').innerHTML='<%= tag(:div,content_tag(:p,' " +a+ " '), :id=>' " +a+ " ', name=>"somename") %>';
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