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I need to deploy web service on Tomcat with installed OpenEJB. I compiled simple Hello service that just prints "Hello" with JAX-WS and tried to deploy on tomcat, but got errors while deployment : ERROR - Error deploying CXF webservice for servlet helloservice.endpoint.Hello java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not find servlet helloservice in web application context /helloservice

Please, help what is done wrong here. Is tomcat + openejb is sufficient for web service deployment?


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Please, help what is done wrong here. Is tomcat + openejb is sufficient for web service deployment?

A servlet/JSP engine is sufficient for web development. You don't need OpenEJB for that.

"Service" is a loaded term. Do you mean "SOAP web service"? Or "EJB stateless session bean"?

Check your web.xml. Sounds like you failed to declare a servlet named helloservice. It ought to look like this:


    <servlet-name>helloservlet</servlet-name> <!-- names must match -->
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Thanks for your answer. I used it with some changes. For web services needs to use <servlet-class>com.sun.xml.ws.transport.http.servlet.WSServlet</servlet-class> in servlet element and <url-pattern>/helloservice</url-pattern> in servlet-mapping element. Also need to add sun-jaxws.xml that contains smth like : <endpoint name='helloservice' implementation='helloservice.endpoint.Hello' url-pattern='/helloservice' /> where helloservice.endpoint.Hello is an implementation of 'helloservice' web service –  kostya Jun 22 '10 at 14:56

For others who might be looking to do web services with Tomcat/OpenEJB, here's a simple example that uses an transactional EJB web service to add/list/delete records with JPA:


The example also includes a Perl SOAP::Lite client that can read/write to the web service.

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