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I need to have Receive activity which can receive my custom data. I found examples, but all use coded workflows like such

public class ProcessRequest : Activity
     public ProcessRequest()
      Variable<MyData> request = new Variable<MyData> { Name = "request" };

   Receive receiveRequest = new Receive
       ServiceContractName = "IProcessRequest",
    OperationName = "Foo",
    CanCreateInstance = true,
    Content = ReceiveContent.Create(new OutArgument<MyData>(request))

The main point is that Receive.Content property. It is not clear for me how I can do it in XAML designer. What I have to set in the dialog of the Content property - Message or Parameters and what to set inside those options?

Thanks for the light!

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I got it :-) I have to use Message option inside the Content dialog. Then put the name of the variable (in my case request) into the field Message data and browse MyData type for the Message type field. Piece of cake ;-)

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