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I'm seeing a couple online but the sites that these guys have look like crap so I don't know if I want to use their plug-ins. If you USE an editable combo box in your web app and you LIKE the plugin then post it here.

Please explain why you chose it over other plugins.

Edit: Bonus points for anyone who is using it with Rails and can show an erb example!!

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The editable combo box needs (in my case) to draw from a static list of items (i.e. Mr., Ms., Mrs. etc) Any gems out there that do this? –  DJTripleThreat Jun 1 '10 at 6:16

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I Know of a few jQuery solutions:

  • jquery.combobox rating: 3/5 comment: If you need simple, and plan on redoing the sprites.

  • FlexBox rating: 4/5 comment: Much more powerful, yet you still may want to redo the sprites.

  • jQuery UI's Autocomplete rating: 5/5 comment: This is your best bet as its already part of jquery ui.

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The jQueryUI Autocomplete Combobox is excellent if it serves your requirements 'as is' off the shelf. It does not have jQuery options for modifications and is complex code, so feature enhancements are difficult for most people. –  Mike_Laird May 2 '14 at 15:41

I'm using jQuery Editable Combobox (jEC) (check out some demos)

  • comment: because it works with classic select box, it is very simple and you can work with this element like with normal select box

And in another website i'm using Combo DHTMLX

  • comment: it is not select box, it produces div, but it has classic editable cursor and it is skinnable with css
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The link is outdated. –  Thomas S. Apr 3 at 7:31

I know this post is old, but for the ones that are still looking I've found Selectize, Selectize's author talks about some other plugins:

I tested Select2 and managed to add the functionality of adding another item but it still needs a lot to do (write a comment if you need the code is incomplete though). However I've seen that this functionality is implemented by default in Selectize: see the Single Item Select Example in Selectize's page.

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