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Is there a java's equivalent to python's bisect library? With python's bisect you can do array bisection with directions. For instance bisect.bisect_left does:

Locate the proper insertion point for item in list to maintain sorted order. The parameters lo and hi may be used to specify a subset of the list which should be considered; by default the entire list is used.

Note: Sure of course i now i can do this manually with a binary search too, but wondered if there is already a lib or collection doing this.

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You have two options:

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Wow didn't know that Arrays package have a binarySearch implementation, is it fast then? –  systemsfault May 31 '10 at 17:27
@systemsfault: one would think that it's acceptable. Unfortunately, there's no left and right variant in Java ("If the list/array contains multiple elements with the specified value, there is no guarantee which one will be found.") –  polygenelubricants May 31 '10 at 17:30
java.util.Collections.binarySearch seems to be the more appropriate of the two since it has the insertion point behavior. –  Salim Fadhley Aug 8 '11 at 7:00

Just for completeness, here's a little java function that turns the output from Arrays.binarySearch into something close to the output from bisect_left. I'm obviously missing things, but this does the job for the simple case.

public static int bisectLeft(double[] a, double key) {
    int idx = Math.min(a.length, Math.abs(Arrays.binarySearch(a, key)));
    while (idx > 0 && a[idx - 1] >= key) idx--;
    return idx;
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