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I'm able to get two videos to play sequentially, (and without pause!) with this code from Apple, (see section 2-4)...


...Yet completely lost as to how to play a 3rd or 5th video. Trouble is I'm a Javascript noob :-(, so if you figure this out please share as much of your code as possible.

Thanks much!

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The first video's ended => Start second video
The second video's ended => Start third video
The third video's ended => Start fourth video
The fourth video's ended => Start first video

It's just redefining the ended event handler nonstop...
You could also use a variable starting at 0. increment it each time and set SRC to i%video_count

var i = 0;
var sources = ["http://www.a.com/blargh.m4v", "http://www.b.com/blargh.m4v"];
videoElement.addEventListener('ended', function(){
   videoElement.src = sources[(++i)%sources.length];
}, false);

...The above code assumes the video is already playing onload, like your example

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