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Is there a command in Vim that changes the case of the selected text?

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A helpful link I guess: – yuan Nov 2 '13 at 14:18
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Visual select the text, then U for uppercase or u for lowercase. To swap all casing in a visual selection, press ~.

Without using a visual selection, gU<motion> will make the characters in motion uppercase, or use gu<motion> for lowercase.

For more of these, see Section 3 in Vim's change.txt help file.

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See the following methods

~    : Changes the case of current character

guu  : Change current line from upper to lower.

gUU  : Change current LINE from lower to upper.

guw  : Change to end of current WORD from upper to lower.

guaw : Change all of current WORD to lower.

gUw  : Change to end of current WORD from lower to upper.

gUaw : Change all of current WORD to upper.

g~~  : Invert case to entire line

Refer the link: vim Tutorials

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