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i am using magento 1.4 (wamp) . i am facing trouble to save cms pages , it takes approx 10 min to save. please help

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Install APC, increase php memory to 512 Mb and it will work better. Magento is resource hungry. Also check other posts on the same issue.

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If you can, I'd run it on linux. I found saving changes to be much faster and I also ran into some other problems when running on wampserver.

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magento is ONLY supported on linux and you should run it as such –  Elzo Valugi Jun 2 '10 at 10:35

Turn off profiling in Xdebug, as they say here

This improved my magento's speed tremendously

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run it on linux. it is giving much better speed there. I too have the same problem with wamp server.

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