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i want to connect t my server without using remote desktop of windows or VNC . can you help me with another way and explain for me a new way for remote desktop? my server is : windows 2003

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Only if you can explain why Remote Desktop and VNC won't work for you. –  egrunin May 31 '10 at 23:21

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Citrix XenApp, if you're rich.

Or I guess you could set up a webcam and use something like Synergy to send mouse and keyboard commands. (No, that was not a serious suggestion.)

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what about telnet? Of course you need to use a command prompt

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Use Remote Desktop. It works well, integrates with user accounts, etc. etc. I don't see why you wouldn't want this?

If you want to log in to it from a Linux box, NX Client works quite well and is free.

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ThinVNC is a pure web alternative that uses HTML5 to replace the old VNC.

Here you have a link to the product page. There's a exe setup ready to be used, and ThinVNC is free for non commercial use:



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