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I am looking to extract specific items out of a large pool of unstructured documents. These documents could be 1-5 pages of text formatted in various ways by the user, but in most cases would contain at least:

  • Name
  • Address (physical)
  • Email Address
  • Phone number
  • website URL

I'm looking for a semantic parser that can attempt to extract these elements from the documents so that I can load that information into a relational database and work with these records as contacts.

Other services I've looked for, while valuable for other purposes, do not address this specific need.

Any thoughts, suggestions or leads?

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Have you found a lead to your question? I found some research articles:




But no specific examples of code on implementing any of these ideas.

Take a look at this too: stackoverflow.com/questions/953150/general-address-parser-for-freeform-text

(sorry I excluded the http, this system is not allowing me to post more than one url/link)

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