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Currently I have a few lists in my SharePoint site that has been hidden from the user (via the hidden property which was set programmatically). I was wondering whether there are any special urls/web or ways to access those lists? e.g. {site}/lists/hiddenList or something similar?


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The URL for a Hidden list is no different than any other list, no hoops to jump through. You just need to know the base URL.

If it is not a Document Library, it will be located at {siteurl}/Lists/{listname}/AllItems.aspx. If it is a Document Library, it will be located at {siteurl}/{listname}/Forms/AllItems.aspx. These would give you the default list view assuming it is still called AllItems.aspx.

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that aside, are there any other ways to access the hidden lists? Its a bit like, if the programmer has forgotten the name of the lists that was hidden, are there any other ways to find out other than looking at the code? Thanks. –  BeraCim Jun 1 '10 at 4:24
@BeraCim Part of the whole point of a hidden list is to avoid being listed with other lists. So through the out-of-box UI, there is no listing that will include those hidden things (just try finding the "Workflow History" list). For this kind of task, I would write a custom application page that enumerates the site's lists and just outputs their names and GUIDs, probably with links. I did one myself, but I also use this CodePlex project. It, too, will list hidden lists and their GUIDs. Either way, it'll save the trouble of repeated code examination. –  Grace Note Jun 1 '10 at 12:34
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You can use Sharepoint Manager to view the hidden list. http://spm.codeplex.com/releases/view/22762

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Open the site collection in the free SharePoint designer. This allows you to browse through most of the content stored in SharePoint.

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