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I have two tables: articles and articletags

articles: id, author, date_time, article_text
articletags: id, tag

( == in a many-to-many relationship)

I am after the last time that something was published under each tag. To put it another way, for every tag, look through all the articles it is related to and find the most recent and return that.

eg articles:

1, me, 12 Nov, Sometext
2, me, 13 Nov, Sometext
3, me, 14 Nov, Sometext

article tags

1, foo
1, bar
2, foo
3, bar

I want to get back:

foo, 13 Nov
bar, 14 Nov

I can get as far as an inner join and then am stumped. I dont think a DISTINCT clause is what I am after and I am not familiar enough for subqueries to know if that would help.

SELECT date_time, tag 
FROM articles, articletags

Is this even possible?

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select t.tag, max(a.date_time) as latest
from articles a
inner join articletags t
on =
group by t.tag
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SELECT date_time, tag 
FROM articles, articletags
ORDER BY date_time DESC
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This actually ends up returning the oldest record, not the most recent. This is default behavior it appears, so it needs a max clause like Gorden Bell's solution has. Secondly if you are using MySQL you need to swap Order By and Group by around for this to work. I dont know why but you do. – Hyposaurus Nov 17 '08 at 2:58
@Hyposaurus: the SQL standard says GROUP BY comes before ORDER BY. – Jonathan Leffler Nov 17 '08 at 5:26
@SoapBox: the trouble with this is that it returns all the rows, not just the max date row, for each tag. – Jonathan Leffler Nov 17 '08 at 5:27

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