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I was wondering if it was possible to use special keys that the macbook pro has for music control and bind them in javascript? Example keys: PLay/pause,next, back.

I am trying to do this to modify a greasemonkey script if that helps.

Here is the current code

HotKeys.bindings['/'] = HotKeys.activateSearch;
HotKeys.bindings['p'] = HotKeys.playPrev;
HotKeys.bindings['n'] = HotKeys.playNext;
HotKeys.bindings['k'] = HotKeys.selectPrev;
HotKeys.bindings['j'] = HotKeys.selectNext;
HotKeys.bindings['o'] = HotKeys.playSelected;
HotKeys.bindings['v'] = HotKeys.openBlog;
HotKeys.bindings['s'] = HotKeys.toggleFavorite; 

HotKeys.keyBindings[27] /*ESC*/ = HotKeys.deactivateSearch;

Script source:

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Just apply a keypress event listener to the document and log the event to the console so you can see if it registers. Similar to this:

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