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Does SQL Server 2005 have an equivalent to MySql’s ENUM data type?

Is there any way to define ENUM in SQL Server 2005?

I have fixed values which I need to use in procedures and functions.

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Are you talking about how to store set values in stored-procs? can you not use "declare @constName varchar(1000)" –  VoodooChild Jun 1 '10 at 5:00
i check the link but how to use in the multiple procedure and Functions? I am not satisfy with Answer. I need something that i can use globally in procedures and Functions like .net. –  KuldipMCA Jun 1 '10 at 5:03

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Use one or more scalar UDFs?

One per constant:

  • dbo.CONST_Bicycle returns 1
  • dbo.CONST_Car returns 2

One per enum

  • dbo.CONST_Types('Bicycle') returns 1
  • dbo.CONST_Types('Car') returns 1

Or use a table with ID, Name per enum

Use a client side enum to match this (perhaps with validation against the table solution)

There is no quick or clean way to do this like there is in .net (as per your comment).

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Means i have to create one Scalar UDF and one Type associated with this. From this way can i use this in Where Condition? –  KuldipMCA Jun 1 '10 at 5:23

You might want to have lookup table named LuVehicle With columns Id and Name.

Values may look like


Then you can have foriegn key of Id column wherever you need in your database tables.

To retrieve the exact name of the value, you can have a simple inner join with LuVehicle table. Something like this

select empname, vehicleId, LuVehicle.Name from employees, LuVehicle 
where employees.vehicleId = LuVehicle.Id
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SQL Server supports user defined data types. You might want to do something with CREATE TYPE (Transact-SQL). But I don't know even if it is possible through User defined datatypes and not aware of its pros and cons. May be someone else will throw more light on it.

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