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With this code I've been able to capture the mousewheel movement and apply it to the horizontal scroll bars instead of the vertical default.

$('html').bind('mousewheel', function(event, delta) {
   window.parent.scrollBy(-120 * delta, 0);
   return false;

Is there any way that I could add this jQuery easing animation to the scroll movement?

// t: current time, b: begInnIng value, c: change In value, d: duration
jQuery.extend( jQuery.easing, {
   easeInOutBack: function (x, t, b, c, d, s) {
        if (s == undefined) s = 1.70158; 
        if ((t/=d/2) < 1) return c/2*(t*t*(((s*=(1.525))+1)*t - s)) + b;
        return c/2*((t-=2)*t*(((s*=(1.525))+1)*t + s) + 2) + b;

Thank you so much in advance!

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i think what you need is the scrollTo plugin. seems to fit the bill, though i haven't used it personally. basically should be able to call it like this

$.scrollTo( -120*delta, {duration:1000,easing:'easeInOutBack',axis:'x'} )

find the plugin demo here. the jquery plugin site appears to be offline currently, but when its back up, the plugin can be found here

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It's back up now :) –  ozke Jun 3 '10 at 12:57

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